Fair and Festival

Fair and festival

Rajasthan reveals its old tradition and thousands of years old rituals through festivals. Each festival holds a significant portion of the glorifying history of India. The Festivals of Rajasthan that are worth celebrating during your India tour to experience the untold and unseen part of the country are as follows:

Pushkar’s Camel Fair
Pushkar Fair, “Kartik Mela,” and Camel Festival are the different names of this cultural fair held in Rajasthan every year. Pushkar is one of the most remarkable places in the state, blessed with authentic traditions, unmodified culture, and unique hospitality. It was organized during the sacred full moon day. Thus, Pushkar fair attracts a lot of foreigners who are fascinated to see the cattle trade on such a large scale.
Like any other fair, this one also has a display of livestock, wherein owners bring in camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep, all adorned beautifully, to be sold and purchased.

Desert Fair
The complete picture of folk tunes, with spectacular desert and dunes in the backdrop, Jaisalmer Desert Festival is organized annually & displays magnificent performances of folk music, dance, magic shows, puppet shows, and martial arts. It reflects the culture and heritage of the Rajasthani people. Being an annual event, the fest garners the attention of many itchy feet.

Stepped into the cuddling blessing flavour, the folk festival of Rajasthan will surely grasp the attention of many foreign tourists. Now it’s your turn to explore yourself in the exciting extravaganza, which continues for about three days, and hence explore the majestic places and indigenous culture of this stunning city.

Gangaur Festival
Rajasthan is widely recognized for its grand & colorful celebration of events, and the Gangaur fair is no different. Gangaur is the festival of love, devotion, & marital bliss among
couples, is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm by the women of Rajasthan.
In the word Gangaur, ‘Gan’ is the synonym for Lord Shiva, whereas ‘Gaur’ stands for Gauri or Goddess Parvati. Celebrated during the Chaitra period, which falls between March and April, women seek blessings of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiv as a vast procession of ladies carrying idols of Shiva and Parvati is out on the streets.

A state shimmering with a broad spectrum of colors, Holi is a perfect festival that matches Rajasthan’s identity and character. As the festival of color and delight, Holi or Dhulandi brings a much-needed fervor amongst the population, as young and old gather around to celebrate it.
Holi is dedicated to Lord Krishna and impersonates the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. Locals participate in the festival with full zest and unity.
Holi in Jaipur and most parts of India is a two-day festival marking the onset of spring. Holi is widely recognized as the Dhulandi festival in Jaipur and neighbouring areas of Rajasthan and is celebrated on the second day following Holika Dahan.

Diwali is celebrated withgreat joy & happiness in Rajasthan. Similar to other parts of India, Diwali of Rajasthan is celebrated for a period of 5 days. Diwali is celebrated for different
reasons. Some people celebrate Diwali, as it marks the start of the Hindu New Year calendar. Other people celebrated it as the victory of Goodness over Evil. It is a celebration of light, both literally & metaphorically. Women in this festival gather and prepare sweets like Mawa Kachori, Til Ke Laddo, Gonth ke Laddu, Piste keLaunj, Moti Pak, Pheeni, Sohan Papdi, Besan Barfi, Jalebi, Shakarpara- to name just a few.

Nagaur’s Sufi Festival
An enchanting amalgam of a splendid royal heritage and the spiritual hunger of the Sufi saints, Nagaur evolved into a city with an exceptional character, the core of Sufism.
It was presented by Mehrangarh Museum Trust, the World Sufi Festival is an incredible concoction of fantastic talent from all over the globe. Famous artists take part in this festival to showcase their caliber under the starlight of Rajasthan.
Artists like Madan Gopal Singh, Irfan Tuqfail, Rura from Scotland, and The Kurdish Sufi Qaderi have performed in Rajasthan. The very motive of this festival in Rajasthan is to highlight the soulful music that has been a part of our culture since centuries.

Jodhpur RIFF
Jodhpur RIFF is famous for a series of spectacular concerts and events based in and around Mehrangarh Fort, voted “Asia’s Best Fortress” by Time Magazine.
This year’s Main Stage was full of power-packed performances, and one such act was that of SAZ. Comprising three young maestros in the form of Asin Khan, Sadik Khan, and Zakir Khan, SAZ.
RIFF certainly got you grooving to their music right from the first note.
RIFF gives a chance to perform Rajasthani folk songs.
As well as several original compositions, sung in the voice of Asin Khan and to the tunes of his sarangi, Zakir Khan’s hartal, and Sadik Khan’s dholak.